Husse pet food franchise


Join our sucsesful organization and start wearing red!
Husse started in 1987 in Stockholm and is now the leader in home delivery of dog, cat and horse products under its own brand in Europe. We currently operate in over 50 countries with more than 1000 franchisees who daily deliver our products free of charge back to the customer.

Our deliveries are made with Husse-branded cars. The business is based on the service of making it easy for the customer to own a pet! With our help the pet owner aviods carrying home heavy feed sacks and cat litter, and saves time by not having to go to the store to buy high quality products. Our customers can order online, email or telephone, and our local Husse distributors home supplies products on a date / time that is best for the customer. Masters concept has proved to work all around the world and since its beginings, 30 years ago, Husse increased by about 25% per year.

We have found new markets and taking more market share in the ever-growing segment of the canine, feline and equine products. And regardless the global, cultural and consumption differences.