The Financial Management Centre


The Financial Management Centre (TFMC) provides small to medium sized (SME) businesses with the professional, flexible and affordable accounting support they need. There are 5.4 million businesses in the UK and over 99% of these are SMEs.

Over the last 8 years TFMC has established a niche providing business owners with an all-round range of financial, accounting and business support services. We look after the figures so our clients can focus on their business.

Franchise Overview

Our UK-based network of offices supports business owners by taking care of their financial management processes. Whilst we provide a personal and local service, the emergence of online systems also enables us to provide a remote service when required or if preferred by our clients.

Franchisees are able to call on the help of their colleagues, franchisor team and business partners in order to provide the best possible range of services to clients.

What does a TFMC franchisee do?

Typically a franchisee will manage their time between building the business, appointing and managing team members and servicing clients. During the start-up phase, the franchisee’s time will be biased towards business building and as the business grows they will find themselves involved with a wide variety of activities in support of their clients’ businesses. Whilst setting up a new area requires hard work, franchisees gain great satisfaction from growing their own business and helping other business owners grow theirs.